Andrew lives in Northwest Territories, Canada. He is 35 years old and has been creating content for this channel since 2010. He is an indigenous person although I am uncertain which of the six major groups in which he shares ancestry. He has 38,000 subscribers however his videos are not commercialized.  His social media participation is not clearly visible on his channel. However, he is promoting a link to Patreon. Accordingly, his brand and taglines are less clearly developed. That said, Andrew does participate in the social aspect of YouTube responding to commenters. Andrew’s filmmaking has evolved over the life of his channel. He, unlike the other content creators, works from the Canadian bush and accordingly films and edits under relatively extreme conditions. His channel is about his passion for living in the remote Canadian wilderness and the connected hunting, fishing, and trapping. Several years back Andrew was featured in several episodes of a Canadian outdoor TV show. During that time he learned a great deal more about filming and editing and his interest in that and the quality of his videos has increased. Andrew’s content (hunting, fishing, and trapping) and his online persona (he swears, vitriolically sometimes) as well sometimes his videos capture drunken moments as well which offers some challenges to some viewers.

Since this channel is more broadly about life in the Canadian bush there are several threads of content. One example is the construction of his base cabin. This video is from 2010 and represents the roots of the channel.

Because of the organic quality of the filmmaking and because Andrew has chosen not to commercialize his videos there is a different feel to this site and the participation in content creation. Indeed, the channel has opened opportunities for Andrew some of which appear to include fiscal benefits. He mentions gifts that viewers send and uses them in videos. As well he talks about his participation in several outside projects, the TV show, for example.  However, the business model seems less clear less well developed. Or instead, it seems to be more traditionally about content marketing a subject matter expert.

Stylistically, Andrew is quite a good vlogger and a teacher as well explaining life in the Candian bush in a detailed and exciting way.


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